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If you want them to

remember you, remember me

Make sure your gift is perfect for that occasion

In addition to our delicious gourmet candies, you can choose the perfect gift for that special someone.

Say what you mean with a gift

Buying gifts for any occasion can be difficult - why not choose something that's sure to please? Whether

                                        it's a loved one's birthday or anniversary, or you'd like to send a

                                        thoughtful condolence gift, consider our cupcake or cookie bouquets!

Freshness is our specialty - all of our goods are made freshly to order!


Baked cookies
  • Cupcake Cake

Freshly baked cupcakes displayed into a cake


(Shown is 2 dozens)

  • Cookie Cake

12 inch freshly baked chocolate

chip cookie decorated like a cake


  • Cupcake Bouquet

Freshly baked cupcakes

with silk flowers


  • Cookie Bouquet

6 freshly baked sugar cookies


  • Cookie Basket

36 freshly baked cookies


  • Cookie Box

18 freshly baked cookies,

different themes


  • Specially baked cookies

Made to order short bread

cookies with sprinkles